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After two years of intense training in the art of hair cutting, Darla moved on to further her education in the field of color. Training in basic and advanced color at a separate time, enabled Darla to become a specialist in both areas. As a specialist in color she was then able to better accommodate her clients, as well as give them color that would compliment their hair cut and style.

As part of the service for the women who choose to blow dry their hair at home, Darla teaches them the tips and tricks that save time and provide them with the results they desire, when having it professionally blown out at the salon.

I feel it necessary, however, to mention, that with many of the varied cuts you can just “wash and go,” otherwise there is little to no blow dry time required.

Ask Darla about the new Brazillian hair straightener, 80% Keratin, which is made from the same substance as your natural hair.

Hair stylist Darla in Birmingham Michigan